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Academy Testing Equipment

The 1080 Sprint is the latest in testing technology. We are lucky enough to have one of only 3 that exist in Australia.

This Swedish programable device records every footfall performed. Displaying detailed graphs of Speed, Power, Force and Acceleration. This amazing device allows us to perform the highest level of testing that can be reproduced very accurately time after time.

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Fit Lights are also a stable testing device employed at CT Academy. These fully programmable lights are set up for our agility testing protocols. Providing a dynamic and precise measuring template for any specific sporting code.

Nordic Track magnetic cable machine is utilized for assessing power delivered through dynamic sporting movements, such as passing in ball sports like Netball and Rugby or swinging action in Cricket or Golf. Plus Running and swimming actions.

Instability Devices are used to test core stability. These training aids are implemented to destabilize the structural foundation of the body. Hence giving us great testing applications to assess levels of core integrity.

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